What Do We Do?


If you’re concerned that U.S. students trail their peers around the world in science and math, you’ve found a place where people in business and education are working together to solve the problem.

Across a 10-county region, The PRISM Project is devoted to Promoting Regional Improvement in Science and Math through a systematic and measurable approach recognizing and rewarding teachers and students for outstanding performance, cataloging and making available from industry best practices and classroom tools for teachers, and motivating students to excel both in the classroom and in math and science competitions.

Our program is unique because business and school system leaders are working in partnership to achieve the goal of graduating students prepared to take their math and science skills to college and to careers that propel Central Florida’s economy by attracting high-value, high-wage jobs.

PRISM unites business and education in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiative.  PRISM works collaboratively with the Central Florida School Boards Coalition –10 school districts serving more than 830,000 students – to make Central Florida the state and global leader in science and mathematics education. 

Please, read more … and join us.

How Do We Do It?


PRISM’s approach is a multi-faceted plan with a variety of strategic elements including:

  • Helping districts to recruit and develop teachers with stronger content knowledge in math and science;
  • Offering clear and well-defined opportunities for business and community support;
  • Challenging students with stimulating math and science learning opportunities;
  • Rewarding the best of the best students and teachers; and,
  • Promoting active participation in competitions for math and science students.


Why Should You Help?


Simply put, it makes good business sense.

Central Florida’s position in the global marketplace depends on the education we provide our students today.  Understanding the role of math and science in society makes for better citizens equipped to make a contribution to civic life; recognizing that today’s world requires that understanding not just of engineers and scientists but of virtually everyone to ensure a safer more productive nation.

Preparing our students with the finest math and science education possible will produce a more competitive, higher-skilled workforce for the future.

Better students make a better workforce, and a better workforce makes a more competitive business community and a thriving economy. >>More

How Can You Help?


Our schools can’t achieve world leadership in math and science education on their own.  Success will depend on the generous support of businesses and other organizations.

There are many ways individuals and businesses have chosen to help and we invite you to talk to us about your role, including:

The obvious … contributions of cash and other forms of support.
The less obvious … teacher internships in your company to help them explore ways to teach their students about math and science by working side-by-side with your team. 
The very important … becoming involved in classrooms to help teachers present math and science in interesting, relevant lessons kids will remember forever. 

To explore how you can help, Contact PRISM.
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